About Water Watch

    Water Watch the facts

    Do you think your Diesel is adequately protected from water?

    Did you know?

    The most common way to get water into a fuel system is through refuelling. Once the water gets into a common rail system it causes major damage requiring repairs that can cost from $7000 to $13000.

    ‘Water Watch’ will alert you with an audio visual alarm, warning that water is about to enter your fuel system. ‘Water Watch does not affect the fuel flow rate of the common rail system.

    The benefits of ‘Water Watch’ TM

    • Extremely easy to use
    • Audio visual alarm to warn of water prior to it entering your fuel system
    • Accurate detection of water
    • Does not affect fuel flow rate
    • No servicing required
    • Will save you $$$
    • Models available for all diesel engines
    • Australian made.

    Suitable for use in motor vehicles, generators, outboard motors, farming machinery, earthmoving vehicles and has many other applications. ‘Water Watch’ enhances your engines original filtration system. It is not designed to replace the original equipment.

    Call us to find out more about Water Water and what it can do.