About Sapphire Marine & Automotive

    What we do

    We are fully accredited marine and auto mechanics who specialise in all makes and models of vehicles and boats.  Whether you need a rego inspection, your car serviced, need a warranty log book service or need to get your inboard/outboard/sterndrive motor serviced and maintained then Sapphire Marine & Automotive, Eden should be your first stop.

    We have a fully equipped workshop and have 2 experienced fully accredited auto and marine mechanics on hand.  With over 35 years experience in the auto and marine industry there isn’t a boat or car they couldn’t fix!

    We specialise in the following;

    • Auto repairs, regos and maintenance
    • All marine and boat repairs, servicing and maintenance
    • Fully accredited marine and auto mechanic with over 35 years experience
    • Perform services and repairs on all outboards/inboards/sterndrive engines
    • We have the latest diagnostic technology software for all makes and models of vehicles and boats
    • We perform warranty log book servicing
    • We are fully accredited to perform pink and blue slips work and are a Vic Roads licensed vehicle tester.
    • We are suppliers of McLay Boats, Honda Marine, Dobinsons 4×4, Hyundai Seasall, Waterwatch, Garmin Marine Electronics , Transtyle Boat Trailers and Lone Star Marine.
    • We stock boat chandlery and Dobinsons 4X4 accessories.
    • We have finance available through Honda Finance
    • Approved 4×4 suspension and GVM upgrades
    • Car & Caravan wiring